Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Misunderstood lyrics - Drapht

Understand I stand misunderstood in the dark.
Shanked in the back while planks attacked by the sharks.
I'm sick to death, not perfect or picturesque.
Unlike the rest, got a flame of fury in my chest.
Waste my breathe to make the best of life alone.
My words are know, spit like I had tourette syndrome.
Hit home to the heart. You start to feel the joint.
You can take advantage, but I'll always win the point, get my drift?
Flip my words, dismiss switch,
ambidextrous, can't test us or miss this.
My wrist is my weapon, a lesson till the end.
Fight till the finish is the message that I send.
All you trend-setters, my vendetta to be better.
Elite letters will flow wetter. We'll meet never.
Mystique whether you listen, my heat
is my admission defeat, whether you ripping to beat.
Never, you tripping, completely missing the art.
You lack thought, my track's raw.
Unleashed underground from a trapdoor.
Bound I attract more split personalities.
My mind's a hacksaw, get cut then try and challenge me.
fact to fallacies, poisoned the grapevine.
Down to make or break me,
no mistake, I'll take mine.
I hate time that moves to quick and kills.
Gotta make the most of life and never ever stand


Attention! All this tension needs to stopped.
It's getting old like the pension.
Did I mention, it blocks your path in life.
you can laugh, be hard and fight.
The scarred, you're right. lip hip-hop.
But nah, you're white, a star at night.
Evolve to ship by day, how far away?
Got dreams, but can't hit the hay.
Fit to say I hit hard.
Admit you can't predict,
like dicks get under your skins in my number six.
I got a hundred tricks, you wonder what I'll do,
I'll speak the truth, take your shoes right from under you.
Don't underestimate or get a date with death.
Got recipes that will burn like the naked chef.
A constant game of chess, try take out the king.
You'll never win, like a bee die after the first sting.
One of the worst things is to explain myself.
Try to change my world, end up in flames in Hell.


Pain, running like water on the border of a breakdown.
Means much more to me, no forgery or fake sound
to break now. Habits are hard, I've traveled so far.
Had it at heart, strong enough to shatter your guard.
Battered and scarred, ladders too large to reach the top.
What? You're shocked? Just me and oft
We can't be stopped and we've
got what you need so you
drop to your knees and you
beg and you plead and you're
willing to bleed for forgiveness.
Another chance? I'd rather watch you sink.
I wouldn't stop to blink,
so you'd better stop and think,
drop them sticks, then the stones next.
No best, but test flex antique like a T-Rex.
Stress to check for trust, man.
Enough's enough, Hunter tracks you down,
like an elephant's tooth or tusk.
The Master's soldier on hold your own.
If I make the wrong move and stand in the cold alone.